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High Impact
Video Courses

Learn how to marketing online. Save money and Do-It-Yourself!

  • DIY Facebook Ads Marketing Course
  • Google Ads Marketing Course (coming soon)
  • YouTube Video Marketing (coming soon)
  • Remarketing King Course (coming soon)
  • WordPress + Google Pagespeed Insight Course (coming soon)

Monthly Marketing Services

We provide results-oriented marketing services. We have been marketing online since 2006.

One-Time Setup Services

Sometimes a company needs help setting up a marketing campaign & an employee will manage it.

Why the sub-domain go.planetmarketing.com?

Our root-domain PlanetMarketing.com needs to load FAST! On our subdomain, go.planetmarketing.com, we use LearnDash for our video courses, WooCommerce as our online store, and a full-blown affiliate program. ALL these programs suck up resources and would slow down any site. Since most of our site traffic comes from Google Search, we don't want to get penalized for a slow loading website. All financial transactions & course access happen on our subdomain while our root-domain is basically a blog. In this way, our blog articles on our root-domain load fast.