Planet Marketing Affiliate Program

With excellent conversion rates, Planet Marketing products and services practically sell itself. We strive to make Planet Marketing the source to help companies make more sales online.

Earn Up To 20% Passive/Recurring
Monthly Income on Select Services

Earn Up To 50% on Course Sales and 20% on 1-Time Setups

We Will Teach You How to
Sell Our Products and Services

Join Our Affiliate Team

20% Passive Income on Services

Your sales mean a lot to us. We wouldn't have gotten the client without you. You'll get paid as long as the client is paying.

50% Commission on Courses

We have courses for sale. These are 1-time sales. People who buy educational courses have the potential to become clients!

20% on 1-Time Setup Plans

Want to sell Facebook Ads setups? How about Google Ads setup? Or how about Marketing Funnel setups?

Exclusive Training Videos

With videos, we will train you on how to sell our products and services. The more educated you are, the higher the closing ratio.

This is How You Do It

  • Promote Our Products, Services, & Courses on Social Media

  • Write Blog Articles On What We Teach

  • Create YouTube Videos About How Our Products/Services Can Help

  • Create a Resources Page on Your Site and Link to Planet Marketing

  • Send Your Link in a Newsletter Blast

  • Don't Use Your Affiliate Link On Coupon Sites Like Groupon

  • Don't Lie or Overpromise. No False Advertising

  • Don't Change Our Logos/Banners

  • Don't Sign Yourself Up Using Your Own Affiliate Link

  • Don't Offer Fake Discounts or Coupons

Features for Affiliates

01 Sell In Any Currency

The pricing on any product on our WooCommerce store will change currencies. No matter what currency the payment is made, you get paid! Sell in USD, Euros, Pesos, or whatever currency.

02 Higher Prices in 1st World, Lower Prices in 3rd World Countries.

Overall, it's easier for an middle class American to pay $500 for a video course vs. a person in Nigeria. For that reason, the price for the same video course may be $200 for someone in Nigeria. Our goal is to help you close more sales no matter how good or bad a country's economy is. Show the same URL in USA and Nigeria, the price may be cheaper in Nigeria.

03 Referral Link Generator

Want to promote a specific product or service? Affiliates can grab any product URL and turn that specific URL into their affiliate link. It's called the referral link generator

04 Dedicated Landing Page

Want to promote yourself as if you are a sales rep at Planet Marketing? Each affiliate can have his/her own landing page selling products and services. Your landing page will have your personal affiliate link.

05 Sixty Day Cookie

We know that many people aren't ready to buy on the first visit, especially if they are coming straight from Facebook. A 60-day cookie is plenty of time to use remarketing campaigns.

06 Lifetime Commissions on Future Sales

If you sold a product to someone in December 2019 and then the same person bought a product one year later in December 2020, you get paid! Affiliates receive a commission on all future purchases by their own past customers.

07 Recurring Referral

Want to make passive-residual income? If your referral pays for monthly marketing services, you will be paid for as long as your referral is a paying client. Imagine that you make a referral every month and you only make $100. In one year, you'll be making an extra $1,200 per month whether you work or not! The recurring referral program works great with our marketing services. 

08 Paypal Payout

Almost every country accepts Paypal. If you live in a country that prohibits Paypal, we can send money via Western Union. If you live in a country that accepts Paypal, but you prefer Western Union, your minimum payout threshold will be $500.

09 Customer Order Details

Want to thank the person who made a purchase and possibly upsell later on? You will have the info for each referral you have made.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do i sign up?

Once you're approved, you'll get a link with training videos on how our products and services work. There will be many videos describing the benefits of how Planet Marketing can help companies make money online. You just need to use your affiliate link or banner on your site or emails. Each time someone buys a product, you get a one-time commission. Each time someone signs up for a recurring monthly service, you will get a monthly recurring commission.

How Much Can I earn as a planet marketing affiliate?

There's no cap. We don't want to limit the potential income you can make. Most likely, we wouldn't have landed the sale without you!

How long Will you track cookies for?

Many times, people don't sign up on the first day of clicking your affiliate link or banner. We have you covered. We will track with a 60-day cookie.

is there a minimum payout threshold?

Yes, we pay when you have a minimum of $100.

do i need to buy planet marketing products?

No, but the more familiar you are, the higher chances of closing deals.

How Do I start promoting?

Anybody can be an affiliate. If you're an employee, refer your employer. If you own a B-to-B company, refer your clients! If you are starting from scratch any have no audience, we will show you how to build your online presence with a blog, YouTube channel, email list, & more!

How & When Do I Get paid?

We only use Paypal. We do not mail checks, send via bank transfer, nor do Western Union.

We have a 30-Money Back Guarantee. Once time has cleared the 30-days, you'll get paid on the next payout cycle which is on the 1st of the month.

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