Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager Setup Plans

Why Google Analytics?
If used properly, Google Analytics will show you how you acquired your site visitors, the behavior of these visitors on your site, and the outcomes of your visitors. Google Analytics can uncover unseen opportunities and let you know what's already working for you. It's also great to let you know what's not working!

Why Google Tag Manager (GTM)?
GTM is great for companies that want more control over the actions taken on a site. For instance, want to know what specific buttons and links are being clicked on? You can do that with GTM. Also, you can insert all scripts on GTM you don't have to mess with the code in your site. Common scripts are Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, live chats scripts, Taboola/Outbrain scripts, etc. 

Google Analytics Lite Plan

Great for companies that need help setting up tracking code & conversions. 

  • Setup/Install Google Analytics
  • Setup Conversion Goals
  • Sync Google Adwords to Your Google Analytics Setup
  • Remarketing Audiences Inside Google Analytics
  • Sync Google Webmaster Tools Google Analytics

Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager Standard Plan

Great for companies that want more control over their data. Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup included

  • Includes Lite Plan
  •  Create Advanced Segments that are important to you
  • Install Google Tag Manager  so you can put tracking code from Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or any 3rd party script.
  • Setup Advanced Tracking via Google Tag Manager for greater control and reporting (track button clicks, link clicks, etc) 
  • Setup Custom dashboard within Google Analytics to see a snapshot of what's important to you