Facebook Ads Marketing Lite Plan (Monthly)


Great for businesses that need sales from Facebook and are just starting off.

Define Your Ideal Target Audiences
3 Facebook Ads Campaigns
9 Facebook Ad Sets That Will Target a Desired Audience
18 HIGHLY Relevant Ads For Your Ad Sets (2 ads per Ad Set). We Will Write Your Ad Copy. Graphics Included
10 Landing Pages MAX
1 Pixel Installation to Track cost-per-conversion
Email Support

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Why Facebook Ads?
Facebook allows advertisers to show sponsored ads based on demographics, interests and behaviors. These demographics, interest, and behaviors are gathered via Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Planet Marketing will create your ideal target audience on Facebook and show highly relevant ads to them. We do NOT use ‘Boosted Posts’ because it’s a limited platform where it’s easy to fail. Instead we use Facebook Ads Manager, the full-blown advertising platform.

The pricing only includes the setup. It does not include the advertising spend. In other words, your credit card will need to be on Facebook, not ours.

No Annual Contracts. All services are month-to-month.
We will help integrate your Facebook Lead Generation campaign with your CRM if Facebook supports it. Most of the time we use a Zapier Integration where each Facebook lead (name, email, phone number) will automatically be emailed to you. You’ll need the Zapier “Starter” plan.


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