Facebook Lite Plan (One-Time Setup)


✔ Define Your Ideal Target Audiences
✔ 1 Facebook Ads Lead Generation Campaign
✔ 1 Facebook Ad Set That Will Target a Desired Audience
✔ 2 HIGHLY Relevant Ads For Your Ad Set. We Will Write Your Ad Copy.
✔ 1 Zapier Integration.** Each Facebook lead will automatically be emailed to you.

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The Lite plan is ideal for service-based businesses that want ‘leads’. Each lead will have a Name, Email, & Phone Number.
What do we consider a service-based business?
Service-based businesses are companies that conduct a ‘service’, like; insurance agents, accountants, CPAs, lawyers, catering, plumbers, electricians, etc.

What do we not consider a service-based business?
Bars, restaurants, cafes, etc; basically companies that rely on foot traffic. Also, we don’t consider ecommerce websites a service.

The pricing only includes the setup. It does not include the advertising spend. In other words, your credit card will need to be on Facebook, not ours.
** Zapier integrates Facebook Lead Generation campaigns. You’ll need the Zapier “Starter” plan.


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