Google Ads Marketing Lite Plan (Monthly)


Great for businesses with small advertising budgets.

Keyword Research – Define Your Ideal Target Audiences along with selecting highly relevant keywords.
✔ 3 Campaign
✔ 5 Adgroup
✔ 2 HIGHLY Relevant Ads For Each Adgroup. We Will Write Your Ad Copy.
✔ Ad Extensions are included at the Adgroup level.
✔ 5 Landing Pages with contact form or we’ll point your ad to one of your live pages.
✔ Email Support

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Why Google Ads?
The #1 reason Google Ads is a great choice is Purchase Intent! Anytime a search is done on Google, the user is either in the research phase or ready to buy. In other words, the person is somewhere in the market. This is very different than Facebook where there’s zero purchase intent and the advertiser has to create purchase intent. Also, Google gives great control when running marketing campaigns.


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